Thursday, April 7, 2011

BEAUTY: Nude Makeup, Alexander Wang Beauty, Fall 2011

Do you love the nude faces fresh-faced makeup backstage at Alexander Wang, Fall 2011? I think it enhances the true beauty of these women. Maybe I like it because I live at the beach in CA, or maybe it's because I was a makeup artist for a number of years and like makeup to be as enhancing and natural as it can be. Nevertheless, it's a beautiful look no matter where you live! Although, I have to say, a dark smoked out eye or some sexy rouge lipstick is never a bad thing, this is a great everyday look. Tres magnifique. 


Lisa Petrarca said...

I do love it (so. cal beach girl) so I'm right there w/ya! I especially like all the thick dark eyebrows...maybe it's time to try to ease up on my tweezing for a while.

Love your blog!

P is for Ploy said...

I'm liking the nude looks but I have a feeling the brows are heavily filled in with powder too to give a feeling of thick brows aka youthful appearance. I'm a huge fan! I hate blush and this look works for the upcoming summer months too.