Monday, April 11, 2011

FASHION: Paris 1970, Willy van Rooy, True Style

LOVE. THIS. PHOTO. Paris, 1970. I cannot remember where I found this photo but it has been one of my all time favorites since I saw it last year. Just wanted to share it. Is this not the most stylish woman? And an extension of her style...her son! Amazing. ♥

UPDATE: I just realized where I found this photo! Of course! It's from The Sartorialist, my all-time favorite fashion blogger, along with my other favorite, his girlfriend, Garance Dore. They are both extremely talented and keep it classy. Scott, of The Sartorialist, is launching a VINTAGE PHOTO CONTEST, which is what sparked my realization of the origins of the above photo. I hope we get to see lots of vintage photo submissions! Can't wait! ♥

UPDATE: This is Willy van Rooy, a famous 1960's model, with her son. It was submitted to a Vintage Photo Contest to The Sartorialist and published on the site on May 22, 2010.

UPDATE: See website, Just amazing!


Marta M. said...

Amazing pic!
great style!



willy van Rooy said...

very nice indeed, great Blog and nice to meet you here. Thought that maybe you like to have a look in my Blog too? Lets keep Blogging, love to you Shannon

Alegria Maron van Rooy said...

Very nice! I also love that picture...her and my brother have an amazing collection. Thank you for sharing!